Transportation & Logistics International Volume 11 - Issue 5 | Page 6


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Dr Paul Rivers explains how to get started with automation

Retail logistics automation has never been more important . In a tough economic market , slow and inaccurate picking can wipe out margin , especially when errors contribute to expensive returns . Staff shortages are adding to inefficiency and workplace stress , making it vital to create a more attractive working environment , preferably one that minimizes heavy lifting and enables staff to be quickly productive .

Retail and logistics businesses recognize that automation improves the effectiveness and accuracy of warehouse operations . They know it can improve responsiveness and reduce costly picking errors , while also enhancing dayto-day staff experience , safety , and well-being .
Yet far too many companies have held back from embracing automation due to a fear of business disruption and a lack of available investment funds .
The good news is that automation doesn ’ t have to be disruptive or expensive . From Autonomous Mobile Robots ( AMRs ) to Pickto-Light solutions and Warehouse Execution Systems , with the right approach , companies can embrace automation step-by-step , adding value and building confidence with every small change .
Empowering staff productivity
Operational effectiveness can be influenced by a range of factors , but in 2023 the key issue for the majority of retail and logistics operations is staff : their recruitment , retention , well-being