Transportation & Logistics International Volume 11 - Issue 3 | Page 56




What do the NHS , BMW and JLR have in common ? Unipart Logistics

In anticipation of its 50th anniversary , we recently sat down with Unipart Logistics ( Unipart ) to chat about the history of the company , what sets it apart in the logistics and supply chain space , and future growth for the Lead Logistics Partner ( LLP ).

Adam Jones , Business Development & Sector Strategies Director , tells us all about his experiences at Unipart : “ The 50-years-in-business celebrations are going to be brilliant next year ,” he begins . “ It will be a great display of how we ’ ve evolved from a spare parts manufacturer and reseller in the automotive sector .
“ Don ’ t get me wrong , automotive is still our bedrock ; in fact , it remains the largest sector we ’ re involved in , and we ’ re so proud of the longstanding relationships we have with iconic names such as JLR , VW and BMW . However , the point stands that we ’ ve changed .